Thursday, 30 May 2013

For the Animals

Edgar's Mission - Herbie's Struggle to Survive

Many of us have very recently heard about Herbie, a young sheep rescued but a few days ago (June 6th).When Herbie was rescued from a roadside, where he had surely been tossed and left to die, he was freshly shorn, critically underweight and unable to stand. Sadly, this poor old soul has found greener pastures, but none on this earth. Rest in Peace, sweet Herbie - you were loved ♥


While I appreciate the health and environmental benefits, my commitment to veganism is almost entirely motivated by my love and compassion for animals. In this thread, I would like to compile mementos and other "soup for the soul" items for inspiration as well as to honour our animal cousins. 

05/30/2013 Lucas

This lovely card arrived in my mailbox this week, from the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. I have been gazing at it ever since, what a sweetie pie, Lucas is ♥

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