Thursday, 30 May 2013

Shopping Sprees

Cruelty-Free and Effective Deodorant? The quest continues...

So, initially, I went with the Crystal roll-on, back in January. As summer rolls in, it is rolling out ;) Time to look for a better substitute, that aluminium antiperspirant is a tough act to follow!

I have purchased a few items from Green Beaver through (a facial cream, which I seldom use, and some lip balm). They are a Canadian company, mostly or solely organic, I believe. Just discovered they also have a deodorant line, will keep an eye out for a Green Beaver sale!


When it comes to walking around the mall, I am not a fan of shopping (in fact, I honestly can't remember the last time I walked through a mall!) But online shopping? ... where do I sign? This thread is dedicated to my every-growing list of favourite online shopping sites and will have items that are vegan, sustainable, eco-friendly and whenever possible, are Canadian :)

My youngest nephew turns 10 in a few weeks and he would like his first wallet. I immediately thought HEMP and went on my search. I came across this company in B.C. and ended up getting a couple neat things for myself too (and/or future gifts).

Nephew's wallet:

Bamboo sporks!

And, while I have eliminated the need for plastic produce bags, I still find that I need a couple plastic storage bags (for greens and celery, primarily). I use giant tupperware tubs too, but it doesn't take many to fill up the fridge, so having space-saver options is a plus. I am hoping these bags work out (I tried a different brand and my celery went completely limp & rubbery).

And how clever are these!?  Grow A Note Cards!

These grow a note cards define the meaning of reduce/reuse/and recycle. Each card is lovingly crafted and designed, and with paper that contains wildflower seeds. The recipient can read thier message, and then plant the card back into the earth and enjoy natures wildflowers. They have 3 different seeds (and images) to choose from, I opted for poppies : )


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