Sunday, 16 June 2013

Freezing Fruit... and Other Stuff!

It is still surprisingly cool here in Southern Ontario. The vegetable garden is begrudgingly rooting but certainly no signs of new growth. So, while we will wait a bit longer to enjoy local delights, things seem to be chugging along on schedule for our neighbours to the south. Brought home a flurry of inspiration from the produce mart yesterday, including cherries, asparagus and arugula. 

Good thing I thought to freeze some cherries, because my bowl is already empty. I love freezing fruit (and I absolutely cannot STOP eating frozen bananas)!

Penny-wise tip: With the exception of strawberries (and special occasions), I seldom buy fresh berries. Instead, I stock up when the frozen fruit goes on sale. Most brands have blueberry and raspberry as separate options. Packages are 600 grams (1.3 pounds) and a typical sales price is $4 (though this week I got them for $3!) This is a considerable savings over the fresh ones. I just wish more of the brands were using recyclable packaging... so far I have only found one brand that does - Europe's Best bags are a #7 for recycling. Unfortunately, their products are packaged in China, so they carry a larger footprint. Favourite blend for smoothies is the organic line at Goodness Me (grrr, I can't remember the name) - they have a blend that includes cherries and mangoes or peaches which is spectacular! 


I like to wait until the bananas have a really good "freckle" before they go into their frozen slumber. Then peel and slice into desired lengths and freeze. After about 2 hours, they should be frozen solid & can be transferred to Tupperware.


Wash, dry well, remove stems and freeze in single layers on trays.

Friday, 14 June 2013

A word of encouragement for the "newbies"

From a fellow newbie, of course! While I have not even had my one year veganniversary yet, I am finding my voice finally. For the first several months, I was completely incapable of talking about veganism, because I was so wrought with guilt, sadness and horror by all that I was learning and seeing. I recently exchanged consolations with a new vegan which I thought I would share in case any one ever reads this silly little blog of mine (it's so obscure,more of a blig, really)...

"It will comfort you to learn that these feelings are VERY common, especially among ethical vegans (meaning, those folks who turn to veganism mainly for ethical and compassionate reasons). The sad fact is, not every person on this planet is willing (or capable) of seeing the truth with which we have scarred our very hearts. If you are crying a lot, if you feel completely alone and isolated, if you feel that it is so enormous that your impact is trivial and worthless, if you are crushed by the guilt of all the years you were contributing to the suffering of animals, then I can reassure you that these moments will soften with time. I didn't make the connection until I was in my early 40s, and feel so ashamed that I did not make this stand decades ago  As long as you stay true to YOUR heart, you will find your path and your happiness. Another new thing is that you will, unfortunately, find a lot of hot headed abolitionists within the vegan community.. heck, you may even become one yourself  Just know that, if this is not your preference, there are many peaceful vegans as well." 

We've got your back, kid!

Monday, 10 June 2013


David Suzuki

Captain Paul Watson & Sea Shepherd

Will Tuttle 

"We terrorize millions of vulnerable and defenceless animals daily with painful shockings, beatings, brandings, debeakings, castrations, ear notchings, nose bashings, and by forcing them to watch the killing of other animals before they are killed.
As we terrorize so we increasingly fear the shadow of terrorism, and we pour billions of dollars into campaigns to 'prevent terrorism'.
We steal from and deceive animals on a massive scale: we steal their babies, their bodies, their milk, their eggs, their honey and their lives, and we deceive them with hooks, lures, nets and slaughterhouse tunnels.
We find that we live in a society increasingly rife with deceit and theft, where predatory capitalism and sophisticated advertising work together to create a climate that legitimises deceit in the name of profit, and fraudulent cunning in the name of return on investment."