Monday, 10 June 2013


David Suzuki

Captain Paul Watson & Sea Shepherd

Will Tuttle 

"We terrorize millions of vulnerable and defenceless animals daily with painful shockings, beatings, brandings, debeakings, castrations, ear notchings, nose bashings, and by forcing them to watch the killing of other animals before they are killed.
As we terrorize so we increasingly fear the shadow of terrorism, and we pour billions of dollars into campaigns to 'prevent terrorism'.
We steal from and deceive animals on a massive scale: we steal their babies, their bodies, their milk, their eggs, their honey and their lives, and we deceive them with hooks, lures, nets and slaughterhouse tunnels.
We find that we live in a society increasingly rife with deceit and theft, where predatory capitalism and sophisticated advertising work together to create a climate that legitimises deceit in the name of profit, and fraudulent cunning in the name of return on investment." 

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